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August 8, 2023


Saturday saw the bell ring on the closing ceremony to round off the 50th VGC International Rally.
Despite some adverse weather through the week, it did not dampen the party atmosphere and everyone who wanted to had opportunities to fly.

Before the excellent buffet was opened thanks were given to everyone involved in making the event successful. Members of the VGC Rally Team gracefully accepted VGC medals for services freely given. Speaking as one of those recipients I am very aware and grateful to the many members and helpers on the periphery which were also instrumental in bringing this event home.

Presentations were made by Andrew Jarvis, VGC President and Christine Whittaker, VGC Chair.

Robin Birch

Susi Cernoch

Geoff Dixon

 Jacqui Huband

John & Diane Docherty

Barrie Taylor

Andrew Jarvis, Christine Whittaker and Paul Gentil, VGC Rally Team Leader

So to next year...

The 51st VGC International Rally will be hosted in 2024 in Pociƫnai, hosted by the Kaunas County Gliding Club which will see the return of the VGC International Rally after 12 years away.

See you all there?

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