Common Questions

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1) My syndicate partner has registered as a Participant to fly. I wish to fly also. Do I need to register as a Participant and pay the fee?

Yes, you do need to complete a registration form, pay the deposit and ultimately the total fee to attend the VGC Rally 2023 and/or Rendezvous - if you intend to fly as P1 (Pilot in Charge)

2) I have a friend and also a family member and a crew member who are not pilots. Can they fly with me in a dual seater?

As a non-pilot wishing to take an experience flight or similar with a qualified pilot then they will be in the same position as any other individual coming to the Cotswold Gliding Club. They will need to have a reciprocal membership or temporary membership of the CGC, and complete the usual form before flying. Temporary membership costs a few pounds and is payable on the day.

3) Do I need to be a member of VGC to fly at the Rally?

Yes, every pilot flying as P1 (Pilot in Charge) at the VGC Rally 2023 must be a VGC member or a member of the host club, in this instance Cotswold Gliding Club. You do not need to be a VGC member to fly at Rendezvous.


4) I am a member of the VGC. My partner/wife/ is a pilot but is not a VGC member. Can they fly on my membership? Do they need to join the VGC to fly?

Any pilot wishing to fly as P1 (Pilot in Charge) at the VGC Rally will need to be a member of the VGC. Therefore yes, if they are a P1 pilot wishing to fly at the Rally they will need to join the VGC. If they are a non-pilot answer 3 applies.

5) My syndicate partner has registered our glider. Do I need to register it again after completing the Participant Form?

No. Once a glider is registered any pilots using the same glider need only to complete the Participant Registration Form and pay the required deposit fee. However, it helps if you mention in the comments section of the form which glider you are associated with.

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