Gliding at Bristol & Gloucestershire Gliding Club

The BGGC is based near Nympsfield, a small village with a great view overlooking the Cotswolds, the River Severn, and on a good day the black mountains.

We’re a very active cross country club with pilots regularly competing in championships. We also have an active instructor base for new members to train up with us.

Bristol & Gloucester Gliding Club from the Air

About the BGGC

The BGGC has around 100 flying members, a fleet of club owned gliders, a Skylaunch winch and a tug aircraft available year round. We have around 40 privately owned gliders at site.

We can fly 7 days a week, year-round, during the summer from March to October we have a dedicated weekday instructor and winch driver.

The BGGC has a strong history and heritage in competition and event hosting, meaning you’ll be sure to have a great time at both the Rendezvous and Rally

Vintage Glider at Bristol & Gloucester Gliding Club Nympsfield
Aerial photo of Nympsfield airfield from a Vintage Glider

Nympsfield Airfield

Our airfield is unique, being that it allows thermal, ridge and wave lift all from one site.
Our members are able to fly 750k from our site, and up to 10,000ft when the weather allows. We operate on an East-West grass runway. Our site is naturally a little bumpy in places, so make sure you check out the maps to get some more info on how our airfield looks and operates.

BGGC Nympsfiled Gliding Club Airfield

Making your stay enjoyable

Our Facilities
We have a main clubhouse, private bar, a café, a campsite, and a variety of club owned and private hangars. We have setup a modern and exciting camping experience for the VGC Rendezvous. Full Wi-Fi will be provided to all participants.

The views from our facilities allow a panoramic view of all airfield activities, guaranteed to keep you entertained throughout the day.

Our Aircraft

We have a variety of dual seaters and single seaters. We have a K21, Grob 103 DG505, for your check flights. We also have some single seater aircraft as well K8 Grob 102 and LS4